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Simple Way to Decorate Your Dress

Simple Way to Decorate Your Dress

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Dress decoration:

Decoration means enrichment of garments with the use of different trimming or accessories and media. They can be done on the surface of the garments to enhance the look or made to sew as a part of the garment. Mainly decorations are depend on garment, person using and figure types.

Dress decoration
Dress decoration

Types of decoration for dress:

  1. Structural decoration
  2. Surface or Applied decoration

1. Structural decoration:

Structural decorations are decorations introduced in the structure of the garment. This begins with good structure or cut, strengthened and controlled by fit and workmanship.This also adds fullness to the garments.

2. Surface or Applied decoration:

Applied decoration consists of self-material as well as contrasting materials and colours worked up ingeniously and applied artistically but not added as a ‘stuck-on-trim’.

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Surface Design Techniques for Embellishing Fabrics

Different types of structural decorations for dress:


Dart is a fold of fabric stitched from a specified width to nothing at one or both ends. These are used to make flat fabric fit on curved lines, according the body shape. They are usually biangular. Darts are made in different parts of the garment, like neck line, shoulder etc.

Darts on dress
Darts on dress


Gathering means to draw together into a mass. Gathering is one form of introducing fullness. These are made used, when large material is to set in a small part of the garment. When several rows of evenly spaced gathers are used they are known as “Shirring”. Gathers may be used for neatness, loose fitting, comfort, free movement, and gracefulness.

Gatherings on waist line
Gatherings on waist line


Pleats are folded mass of material that provide fullness, when evenly spaced and perpendicular to the floor, thus achieving the straight silhouette. There are various types of pleats as, side, box, double box, inverted, kick, pinch, straight, cartridge and sunray pleats.

Pleats on skirts
Pleats on skirts


Tucks are similar to pleats, but are sewn throughout their length. Hence fullness is available only below the tuck. There are a number of tucks as cross tucks, shell tucks, curved and scalloped.

Tuck on apply on one shoulder
Tuck on apply on one shoulder


This a decorative work particularly valued because of it’s beauty on children’s garments, and other smocked jackets. It is a kind of decorative stitch done by pulling certain amount of material to gather. They vary their stitches, as honey comb, hooking bone, double, etc.

Smocking on dress
Smocking on dress



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