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Some Tips before Hair Cut

Some Tips before Hair Cut

Tasmin Ara
Beautician, Proprietor of Sraboni Beauty Parlor
Uttora-10, Dhaka.
Email: tasminara.bgmea@gmail.com



Hair is a natural beauty for women. Fashion conscious women have cut their hair in different styles. Hair styles or cut mainly depends on the face shape, hair types and personality. Every hair cut styles is not perfect for all face shape and hair types.

After one and a half month may be changed hairstyle. The hair should not be delayed more than three months to live. Because, three months after the end of the hair becomes thinner. If the lower part of the hair too late to cut, then it can be broken down into two. And the hair becomes rough.

Before cut your hair, at first you want to know the face shape, hair types then you will select the hair style. You can also take help from beauticians.

Hair cut in a salon
Hair cut in a salon

Now I will give some tips about how to select your hair cut styles. These are as follows.

Tips before Hair Cut Selection:

  • If your hair cut once a month. The hair will be healthy.
  • To keep hair healthy, change your hairstyle .There is no harm to keep the same hairstyle. Whether or not to change the hairstyle, regular hair trim is necessary, then you will not be afraid to break the hair.
  • Spa can be done to keep hair healthy.
  • Whose hair is a little thin, layer hair cut is not perfect looks, they can apply the volume layer for smart looks.
Volume layer haircut
Volume layer haircut
  • No matter how thin or thick hair, you can always try U or V shape hair cut.
  • Those people with a broad forehead, and they can keep the beyonce haircut.
Beyonce haircut
Beyonce haircut
  • Those people with little round face do not cut the hair very short in forward area or face.
  • Those with long hair, if they had cut hair once a month later, do not have any problem in the hair.
  • Whose hair has taken a little short; they want to grow hair once the hair ends after spending three months can spend. Thus, the hair is long enough to be spending a few more months. Then you can choose the hairstyle is suitable for long hair.

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