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Some Tips to Make a Fashionable Kurti

Some Tips to Make a Fashionable Kurti

Sheikh Nurja
B.Sc. Engineer of Textile
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The word Kurti is reffered as if a kurta is worned by a female than it is called kurti. Fashionable kurti is a very familiar fashionable dress for the female of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan etc. Nowadays as daily outgoing dress kurti is becoming familiar day by day. An office going female also prefers fashionable kurti as her daily office dress.

A girl wearing a beautiful KurtiA girl wearing a beautiful Kurti

It is also favorite mostly to the young females who are studying in Universities as they are in need of going out daily. Kurti is very comfortable dress to wear in so much hot weather though it is made in loosely measurement.

Today I am going to share with you how we can make our favorite fashionable kurti in home.

About fabric for kurti:

As fabric is the main raw material for any dressing purpose so you have to select perfect and good fabric for making fashionable kurti. There are different types of fabric are available in the market, you can choose your favorite one from following list.

A gorgeous kurti of georgette fabricA gorgeous kurti of georgette fabric

For making sleeveless kurti we will need 1.5 yards or if you want to make 3 quarter or long sleeved fashionable kurti than we will in need of 2 yards of fabric.

Other requirements:

For increasing beauty we can use contrast colored fabric piping/binding. For decoration purpose we can use different types of lace which available in the market. In the case of choosing lace nowadays there is preference of using less width lace.

When we are thinking about to make fashionable kurti with lace then we have to keep in mind following factor:

  •  If the width of lace in the bottom is 4 inches
  •  Then the width of lace in the sleeve will be 1.5 to 2 inches (this is my procedure, you can try new one also)
  •  In the case of piping with contrast color we can follow this measurement also. (Contrast color means opposite color of main color)

A hand embroidered KurtiA hand embroidered Kurti

We can also use different types of printed or decorated fabric for making kurti. If we thing of making kurti with plain solid color kurti then we can keep some hand embroidery or karchupi design.

Color sense:

In the field of fashion color is a very important factor. If we want to present us more beautifully then we have to keep sense of pick up of perfect colored fabric and other materials for making fashionable kurti.

A green colored kurti

A green colored kurti

We can use White, Maroon, Yellow, Green as well as Purple and Black. Which color is for you it depends.

Measurements and other information:

In the case of length of kurti is we should should keep less than 34”. If we look around we will find Sleeve less, Short sleeve, Three quarter sleeve and also full sleeve kurti.

But preference of three quarter kurti is more than other types of kurti.You can follow your choice but I like three quarter sleeved more.

Sleeveless kurtiSleeveless kurti

We can wear our favorite kurti with jeans, leggings, or palazzo. With solid colored kurti you can wear printed leggings or palazzo. Recently there are tendency of wearing different fashionable kurti style with same one jeans which can be followed also.

We can wear different types of matched colored scarf with kurti or contrast colored scarf also can be used.



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