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Street Wear Fashion in Bangladesh

Street Wear Fashion in Bangladesh

Sanjana Islam Eva
Dept. of Fashion Design
KCC Women’s College (Affiliated by Khulna University)
Khulna, Bangladesh
Email: sanjanaeva34@yahoo.com



Street wear fashion spread up all over the world. It’s started from New York and then started mostly all over the country. And now even in our country, Bangladesh. In Bangladesh it’s mainly its comes from our neighbor India. Indian fashion influences our culture and style so much. Just like other foreign styles are influence Indian cultures.

Street wear fashion comes from the west cost of the world and by the flow of fashion India also catch the flow and so our country.

Street wear fashion in Bangladesh
Street wear fashion in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, stylish dress and mainly different funky hair cut and funky accessories are take place in our young generation.

1. Outfit:
  • Street wear outfit are comes through our country. Different logos are used in t-shirts for male and female both. Funky leather jackets, t-shirts, baggy pants, cap, hoddys are also available now a day.
  • Street wear outfit for male
    Street wear outfit for male
    Street wear outfit for female
    Street wear outfit for female
2. Hair style:
  • Street wear fashion has some different way of express itself, each and everything is unique than other style and it has no binding. After outfit, hair style is another vital part of this style. Different celeb musicians mostly hip hop singers and rappers are very much fond of these funky looks and the young generation of modern age try to grab them as they like to.
  • This cut have different name also. One of the most popular rapper in India named Honey Singh took place in this new style and also in our youngsters. Celebrities are also interested to have a new look.
    Street fashion hair style
    Street fashion hair style

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3. Accessories:
  • After hair cut then come accessories. Accessories are hugely used in our country before these outfit and hair styles are come. Funky belt, bracelets, watches, hat. Baseball cap, hand gloves etc are very popular to our young boys.
    Street fashion accessories for boys
    Street fashion accessories for boys

Celebrities outfits:

To enhance the craze of street wear, Bangladesh also started to place the image of celebrities on boys t-shirts and cap etc.

Celebrities image on t-shirt
Celebrities image on t-shirt

Social impacts of street wear fashion in Bangladesh:

  • Whether it’s looks good and gives a new attention to everyone but this style is not take positive vive to our society and elders.
  • Sometimes teens are use it as a wrong way like they started to miss match our Bengali culture and that’s not tolerable to the society.
  • To get western clothing style into them they started to take the western culture also and that’s a big social issue.
  • One side of the society takes this style and fashion very easily, whose are belong to the high society and with the media.
  • Middle class and lower middle class people can’t take it with their children in this rough looks of styling.

While in Bangladesh, street wear fashion started to spread its own color and with the flow of time it took a strong place to all level of the society.



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