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Summer Dress for Women in Bangladesh

Summer Dress for Women in Bangladesh

Suraiya Hossain
Lecturer, Dept. of Fashion Design
KCC Women’s College (Affiliated by Khulna University)
Khulna, Bangladesh


For any events or home wear clothing selection to more or less everyone is uncomfortable. During the summer, all types of dress up is not suitable. Black or colored clothing is not comfortable. In this summer girls and women’s prefer light color, thin fabric like cotton, and loose fitting dresses.

Kurti with leggings
Kurti with leggings

Some popular summer dress for women:

Fashion designers mainly prefer cotton fabric for summer. They are designed various kinds of kurti and tops with sleeve less. Some dress categories are as follows:

  1. Salwer- kameez with different length of sleeve
  2. Sleeve less or short sleeve or three quarter Kurti with jeans or salwer
  3. Shirt style kurti
  4. Tops with jeans or leggings
  5. Cotton saree, chiffon saree
  6. Sleeve less blouse
  7. Stylish tops
  8. Leggings
  9. Palazzo pant
Cotton saree with short sleeve blouse
Cotton saree with short sleeve blouse
kameez with palazzo pant
kameez with palazzo pant
Tops with jeans
Tops with jeans

Note: It is only preferable for tall and thin girls. But sleeve less is not perfect for all such as Hands are thick, wider shoulders, do not wear them like sleeve less. If someone wants to wear sleeve less other time during the summer in addition to want to wear them, and then give them extra sleeve with these dress. Design your own choice to buy cotton cloth, lace, buttons, can be made with yoke kurti.

Suitable summer color for women dress:

What color will do, is to take confusion. However, all white, and other light-colored clothing like the heat. Light color is not the only heat absorb, it also pleasant for the eye. Black or dark-colored clothing absorbs more heat. The colors do not wear clothes like that. Other suitable color that is used for making a dress in summer, these are

  • White
  • Pink
  • Olive green
  • Sky blue
  • Light yellow
  • Off white
  • Light mejenda
  • Light blue
  • Turquoise
  • Light green
  • Light colors and bright but not the kind of paste that can be taken.

Suitable summer makeup and accessories for women:

In this summer, light-color clothes, light makeup and without jewelry looks will be pleasant. However, this is not worth taking heat over makeup. Use sunscreen on the face and arms before going outside. Wooden bangles or bracelets can be worn by a thread. Do not wear jewelry made of metals like heat. Alternatively, you can wear jewelry made of natural materials.

Summer jewelry
Summer jewelry



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